How to Create a Great Slogan for Your Commercial

Now that we have taken a look at some of the best slogans of all time, we will break down what it takes to make a good slogan for your commercial. There are a few things we need to consider when writing a good slogan for your commercial or brand. Here, we will discuss what makes a good slogan and how you can create a great slogan for your own commercial.


“Simplicity is key”

From our previous blog we have noticed that the best slogans tend to be simple. The simplest slogans are more memorable, and a slogan should be memorable (Lasquite, n.d.). The key to a great slogan is to make sure that it isn’t confusing your customers. The slogan shouldn’t use overly fancy words, or fluff up what the actual goal is, simplicity is key.

For example, in the image below we can see how skittles have kept their slogan simple:


Following on from the message of keeping a slogan simple we must also remember that your slogan must separate your brand or product from your competitors (Lasquite, n.d.). A unique slogan will help to make your brand more memorable, and this is one of the main reasons to have a great slogan, if it is memorable your customers will recall your brand or product more easily.

“A unique slogan will help to make your brand more memorable”

Apple’s brand identity focuses on uniqueness and being individual, so their slogan sets them apart from their competitors:

A unique slogan, again, should not be overly complicated. A simple, unique slogan may be difficult to create but this will help you stand out from competitors, and will help your brand’s identity.

Clear Message

Now that we have discussed how a slogan must be simple we would like to remind you that this doesn’t mean it always has to be short. For people to like your slogan the clarity of the message in the slogan is key, not the length (Taube, 2014).

“The clarity of the message in the slogan is key, not the length” (Taube, 2014)

Nike’s slogan has a clear message which reflects their brand values, this helps the slogan to be more memorable as it fully represents the brand clearly:

By sharing what you do with the world in a clear message your slogan will help you to stand out from your competitors. By having a clear message, your slogan will become easier for your customers to remember and this will help you stand out.

Writing your own slogan

Now that we have looked at what we must consider when writing our own great slogan here is how you can create one.

First, write a short description of what your commercial, brand or service does, not forgetting the part that helps you stand out from your competitors. Then it is time to start trimming it down, keep rewriting this description and make sure to simplify it and keep the message clear. Soon, you will have a great slogan. (Medhora, 2018)

Are there any other things you think help make a great slogan? Let us know in the comments below!


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